Episode #113

We had alot of fun with this one as we jumped in on music Scarface vs VH-1, Dame Dash getting Roc back and more. Everything was going great for yet another great episode of the HoodHype show, but when Scarface called in out of the blue to comment on the VH-1 situation, the show did an instant 360. We talked to Face for damn near a half hour about everything from the VH-1 debacle, to Oprah, to paying for pum (lol). Later in the show, we got to the Stash Box to taste a new brew, we talked about guilty music pleasures and brought back the almighty, Blend it or Bump It segment, which is always a good time. If you have a CD youd like featured on the segment, you can mail it to the address on our Contact Us page, whether its mainstream or not!