Episode #42

After all the hate and venom expressed in Episode 41, JMack, Phro and myself decided to kick back and express a little racial U.N.I.T.Y this episode. Listen in as we dig into JMacks mind a little bit, to find out how he first became a hip-hop fan, and we also discuss his dislike for certain white folks. The beef between Timbaland and Scott Storch was brought up, as well as CNNs negative story on the hip-hop industry. We took the time to catch up with The Academy, winners of Episode 40, and talk to them about their future projects. Of course the music in Episode 42 is on point as usual featuring tracks from Loose Cannons from Pottsville, PA, Hollywood Kill out of Hollywood, CA, Yung Onyx and Fredro Star coming from Queens, NY Prince Genisiz and Peter Lake from Chicago, IL