Episode #45

We had so much to talk about this show we couldnt even get to it all. The Imus controversy and its impact on the hip-hop world was front and center in our discussion. We caught up with HipHopDirectory.com founder James to get his take on censorship, and how the controversy over Imus may impact Hip-Hops radio play. On the lighter side, JMack and I talked about the Sopranos season premire, and 3-6 Mafias MTV reality show Adventures in Hollywood. We also chopped it up about Hoodhypes Youtube channel being ranked #61 on the rankings, and Esther Baxters defeat of Vida Guerra in Round 2 of the Battle of the Hip-Hop Models. Featured artists included Reef Hustle outta Bronx, NY, Cashmere aka Black Ross from Philly, PA, Bigg Jigg from Grand Rapids, MI Semo comin from Cape Girardeau, MD and Link reppin Raleigh, NC.