Episode #55 ft. Interview with Rich Boy

Whats up yall. Were back for Episode #55 and JMack, Phro and Major touched on everything! We got things started by talking with SINcere, the winner from Episode #53. Next, we got into some hip-hop discussion. We debated about the definition of a sophmore slump, in particular we argued about Outkasts first two releases (Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik vs. ATLiens), and which album was better. We also got into a discussion about the acceptance of MCs singing in 90s hip-hop vs. MCs getting bashed for singing in todays tracks. After the hip-hop talk, we got on the phone with Rich Boy and talked about his push to release real music when the label isnt supportive. We got some inside info behind his track Lets Get This Paper, and talked about his plans for his upcoming mixtapes and album. After the interview it was time to to get into the racial stories that have been making headlines lately. We spoke on Dog The Bounty Hunters racist remarks about black people, and Barack Obamas getting blast