Episode #60 ft. Interview with Joell Ortiz & Buckshot of Boot Camp Clik

As you can tell from the title, this was our first-ever live show. We streamed our show live via ustream.tv and had a chance to get some real-time interaction with our audience via the chat. The whole experience was tight and we hope to do more shows in a live format in the future. The episode got off to a good start as we caught up with Capital Z, the winner from Episode #58, to talk about his track “Family Ties”, and his loyal fan base (he set a HoodHype record for most votes). After that, we had a chance to speak with Brooklyns own Joell Ortiz. Right from the jump we took the opportunity to squash any misinformation surrounding our previous interview with Bishop Lamont. With that aside, we got into what projects Joell will be dropping next, what hes looking for in his next label situation, working with Rik Cordero, his hoop game and more. After hollerin at Joell, we got to speak with another one of Brooklyns elite, Buckshot from the Duck Down camp. Buck gave us the scoop on The Firm