Episode #63

Its been almost a month since the entire HH crew got together for an episode so we were ampd up and ready to go. We got things started by congratulating JMack on his newest child, and spoke about every fathers worries when their child is first born. From there we got into some hip-hop talk with Nonseq from the production team Tin Men whose track “Video Chick” received the most votes from Episode #61. Nonseq filled us in on the hip-hop scene in North Carolina, and how their production team goes about deciding what MCs they want to work with. Next, Phro gave us the run down on his vacation to Tampa, FL and their 24/7 2-for-1 drink specials. After the break we got into some conversation about Busta Rhymes recent Hot 97 interview, which lead us into a conversation about Aftermath Records and their rosters bulked up appearance. From there we discussed why DJs get so much love, re-lived some drunk moments, gave our thoughts on Stacy Dashs KING Magazine cover, and a lot more. As always, the m