Episode #65 ft. Interview with Killer Mike

Episode 65 was a crazy one. The show itself ended up being 3 hours, but luckily after some editing we managed to get it down to a more manageable hour and a half so we arent continually murdering your iPods space. So you may notice some continuity shit going on in the show. We kicked the show off immediately with a track and a FRESH interview with Killer Mike, talking about everything from conscious rap (which he said is rather whack) to Alexis Tyler on his show Grind Time Sports Show (BANG! BANG! BANG!). We spoke on marketing beef vs the legitimate rap beef. We then spoke with the winners of Episode 63 Rideout and Terry Cole for their song Ways to lose Detroit. COP THEIR ALBUM!! Overall we had a great time, and we really wish we could post the last segment of the LIVE show but we figured maybe we would post it some other time so we could FINALLY get this one out to yall. Enjoy and we look forward to your feedback. Please post here, email or call us with your comments for the next show