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Malapropism | Episode 93

This episode JMack reviews  Lil Baby’s “My Turn” and Royce Da 5’9’s “The Allegory”. Also, Megan Thee Stallion’s album deal drama, Jim Jones trashing US Marines and what album makes[…]


This week we talk about the #GODZILLACHALLENGE, Nick Cannon still trying to fire shots at Em and our shiny new website!!  Of course you know we have some fire new[…]

B4 | Episode 90

Let’s talk about this Jay Electronica new album, the E40 vs. Richie Rich beef,  old cars, cartoons and helping those who need it.   Help Gift of Gab of Blackalicious with[…]

GRIMEY | Episode 89

Let’s talk about this new Eminem album “Music to Murder By”, Lil Wayne’s new album “Funeral”.    Also Mack’s thoughts on Jay-Z having a seat during the national anthem at the[…]

Eminem vs. Nick Cannon | Episode 88

Let’s talk about the dumpster fire that is this Eminem vs. Nick Cannon rap beef, TikTok, legalization and listen to some new tunes!   Next episode lets review Eminems new album[…]

MMXX | Episode 87

It’s 2020, let’s get this decade started with a new episode of Live From The Basement.  It’s been a while since we’ve been able to get together but that shouldn’t[…]

Playlist: Return | Episode 85

After almost a full year hiatus, It’s Episode 85 and we promise not to let you down for a long time.   Let’s see where this thing takes us.  So heres[…]

Playlist: THE BIG CHILL | Episode 84

You ready for some new hip-hop?!! LET’S GO!Played this episode: * Brother Ali – “Own Light” * Ill Camille ft. Punch – “Goes Down” * Dave East – “No Pork”[…]

YANDHI x KANYE x YE | Episode 83

We speculate a few short hours before Kanye drops his latest release “Yandhi”. How’s this gonna go? What will it sound like? What’s going to happen on SNL?— This episode[…]

KILLDEVIL: Eminem vs. MGK | Episode 82

The team takes the Eminem vs. MGK beef tracks and completely break them down from a rap fan, lyricist and production perspective. Who takes the win?— This episode is sponsored[…]

Off The Books | Episode 80

This episode we played a new game against caller Jay Lamont, “Is it Kanye, a grade schooler, a serial killer of 50 cent?” and gave away “The Rap Yearbook” and[…]

The Disaster | Episode 77

Complete disaster, but its fine. Enjoy the show! This episode we talked Childish Gambino, Kanye West and tried some new brew!— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest[…]

Where They At Doe? | Episode 75

Theyre right here! Episode 75!! This episode we talk about some of our recent trips, try some new brew and check the new Phonte album No News Is Good News.[…]

The Return | Episode 74

“Never on schedule, but always on time.” We’re back! The stashbox was ready, and 6ix9ine’s Day69 is up for Blend it or Bump it! Let’s see how it goes!!— This[…]

The Next Episode | Episode 73

Here’s Episode 73, second part of the long, and abruptly ended (sorry about that) Episode 72. Hope you all enjoy it and we can’t wait to get back to the[…]

The Distance. | Episode 72

Let’s get this thing going again! Here’s Episode 72 which we recorded back in May.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Playlist: Biggie Remixes | Episode 71

Just a few short days after Notorious BIGs birthday (May 21), heres a playlist of dope remixes to celebrate! Happy 45th Big we miss you!— This episode is sponsored by[…]

Playlist: Happy. | Episode 70

This week everything is amazing and I wanted to share some music with you that reflected that. Hope you all enjoy this! -Mack Episode Playlist: Koncept & McNasty – “Gone”[…]

On The Patio | Episode 68

Grab a couple cold ones and sit on the patio at the local bar with us. Has Kendrick Lamar reached “GOAT” status? Also, K.Dot vs. 2Pac, Beyonce&’s longevity, the Facebook[…]

Album Review: Damn. | Episode 67

Our review of Kendrick Lamar’s latest album “DAMN” as we were rollin in the car. What we’re your thoughts on the album? Episode Playlist: * Cadillac Freeze “This Feeling” *[…]

The B-Side | Episode 66

Mack forgot to stop recording on Episode 64, here’s a little piece of what happens in The Basement when recording stops with a playlist of tracks at the end! Enjoy![…]

Playlist: Peanuts | Episode 65

A random conversation about the love and relationships within the Peanuts cartoon.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Goodbye 2016 | Episode 64

Blame it on 2016. The episode is dropping four months later. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Here’s episode 64, we talk about 2016, some of our favorite and most[…]

Happy Christmahannukwanzadan | Episode 63

It’s the annual holiday episode and Major, Mack and Martin were in the Basement! This episode we talked about 2016 XXL Freshmen class, the holidays and we reviewed an album[…]


A playlist full of an HOUR of RAP, RAP and more RAP. New full episode the whole team coming soon! Episode Playlist: * Joyner Lucas ft. Busta Rhymes – “Jumanji”[…]

Breaks | Episode 59

It’s a messy one. We hope you have fun with it! We’ll be back soon enough! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a[…]

Playlist: MOAR | Episode 58

Back at it with a VERY important announcement for all of you! LET’S GO! Episode Playlist: * Sean Price – “Rap Professor” * Flawless Real Talk – “Tax Season” *[…]

Playlist: Summer Madness | Episode 56

We put together another playlist episode with a chill summer vibe to calm that “Summer Madness”. More episodes EVERY week!— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way[…]

The Wall | Episode 55

We dive deeper into the topic about the “hip-hop wall” and creating a manifesto for a new genre of rap.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way[…]

Snap Judgement | Episode 54

This week we talk about SnapChat, the Joe Budden vs. Drake Beef, and putting up a wall up on the Canadian border.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The[…]

Playlist: BBQ Boogie Volume 2 | Episode 53

We put together another installment of some of our favorite joints to have playing in the background when you’re having a barbecue! It’s our second installment of the BBQ Boogie![…]

Playlist: Instrumentalizm | Episode 51

Heres another bangin’ playlist episode full of some dope instrumentals for you to vibe out to all week! Also, Major’s Question of the Week: “In hip-hop, who’s death would have[…]

Off The Leash | Episode 49

Major gets personal and talks about his recent separation, his new adventures and how he’s “Off The Leash”. Episode Playlist: * Big KRIT & Warren G – “No Static” *[…]

Respeck It! | Episode 47

This episode we talked about the infamous Birdman visit to the Breakfast Club and Drake’s “Views from the 6” for a minute. Also this week, the return of the Stash[…]

Playlist: You Ready? | Episode 46

You asked, we’re delivering. Here’s a new playlist episode full of some great music with heart to get you through the week! Rock out and get in the groove with[…]

A Tribute to Prince | Episode 45

We put together a few words and songs as we mourn the loss of a musical legend and celebrate his life and incredible influence to music across all genres. This[…]

Commentary: Organized Noize | Episode 44

This episode we dissect QD3 & FlavorUnit’s new flick “The Art of Organized Noize“, a documentary about the musical career of one of the most prolific music production crews of[…]

Evolution | Episode 43

This episode we discuss what’s next. We’ve been producing and releasing this show for over 10 years and we’ve decided to take it back to the earlier days. To when[…]

Episode #67 Part 2

Just added to this feed April 11, 2016, this is the second of a two-part episode, Episode #67 we released back on July of 2008 featuring an interview with Bishop[…]

What Now? | Episode 42

This episode we showed up, we pushed some buttons and talked about some things. Hope you like it.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make[…]

Ageless| Episode 41

Are you getting too old? Let’s talk about age, Steve Harvey’s mistakes and Logic’s album “The Incredible True Story”.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to[…]

Goodbye 2015| Episode 40

We bid farewell to 2015, some of our favorite show moments, Steve Harvey, a debate over Complex’s latest list of rappers and more!— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor:[…]

The Pain | Episode 39

This episode we discussed the painful Keith Murray battle with Fredro Starr, checked out The Game – The Documentary 2 for Blend It or Bump It and more! Download it[…]

The Questions | Episode 36

Major wasn’t in this week so JMack and MOLA1 decided to hang out in the basement and go through some of our favorite interviews over the past 10 years of[…]

Rap Wordz with Friends | Episode 35

We’ve taken rap lyrics from your favorite songs, and turned them into plain, proper English. We also talked about Macklemore paying respect to the classics and we reviewed Scarface’s new[…]

What’s Beef? | Episode 32

This week we discussed all things beef. From Meek Mill vs. Drake to Ghost vs. Action Bronson, we picked each apart, threw it on the barbecue and sliced it up[…]

What’s Number One? | Episode 31

This week we discuss what makes a #1 record (in light of Joey Bada$$ twitter comments), we also played a game to see if we could tell the difference between[…]

Equality | Episode 30

We’re excited to be back and recovered from the recent flood! We can’t thank you all enough for your kind words and support to help us get back recording the[…]

The Good Fight | Episode 29

Oddisee’s “The Good Fight” is on the chopping block and we discuss Jay-Z’s B-Sides Concert and controversial freestyle on Tidal. We hope this episode ‘tides’ you over as we ‘Fight[…]

F.I.L.A. | Episode 27

This week we review Raekwon’s latest album “F.I.L.A.”, discuss some of the most overrated MC’s of all time, review Tecate beer for the stashbox and talk about some of our[…]

#MAYPAC | Episode 26

This week we discuss some of the most underrated MC’s of all time as well as the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight. We invited our friend John Nash aka[…]

The Episode About Nothing | Episode 25

This episode Major, JMack and Mola1 discuss #WorstRapLines, Jay-Z’s Tidal music service and Wale’s The Album About Nothing was up for Blend It or Bump It!— This episode is sponsored[…]

Say Something Nice! | Episode 24

This episode we celebrated the birthday of a very important album in hip-hop history made this episode’s picks for Essential Hip-Hop Albums and played our brand new game “Say Something[…]

Kanye vs Dr. Dre | Episode 21

The Kanye vs. argument continued this episode as Major and Mola1 took to court over who was the better producer with Judge JMack presiding. Who won? Find out in this[…]

WTF Eddie? | Episode 20

This episode we talked about Kanye trying to steal the spotlight again, how MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” was all a sham and how Eddie ruined what could have been an[…]

Pac’s Letter | Episode 19

This episode we went through Pac’s letter in detail. In it, he mentioned his growing beef with Notorious BIG and his idea of forming a massive supergroup. We also reviewed[…]

Ante Up! | Episode 18

This episode we talked about taking bets on Hip-Hop Grammy categories. But it didn’t come without it’s fair share of drama. Also this episode, Stashbox and we pick our Essential[…]

Kanye vs. Just Blaze | Episode 17

This episode we talked about Kanye vs. Just Blaze (and eventually vs. Dr. Dre) we touched on “inflategate” and reviewed Lupe Fiasco’s final album Tetsuo and Youth. — This episode[…]

On The TLC Tip | Episode 16

This episode we talked about Grammy nominations, TLC’s Kickstarter campaign, drinking too much, essential albums and all kinds of your calls! Keyword this episode, “HAMM’s”.   Don’t forget to check[…]

Azalea vs Azealia | Episode 15

This episode Major, Mack & Mola1 spent the show discussing the Iggy Azalea vs Azealia Banks debate. Also this episode: essential albums, some dope hip-hop tracks and your calls and[…]

Year In Review | Episode 14

Episode #14 our official Year In Review for 2014 and reviewed Fabolous latest “effort”. We talked our favorite drink of the year, favorite music, news items and more. Get in[…]

Peace | Episode 13

In Episode 13, we toned it down, had a few more drinks and slurred our way through some more peaceful, fun topics. We talked about our essential hip-hop albums, buying[…]

War | Episode 12

This episode we discuss all of the social issues happening over the past few months including the Mike Brown situation, Eric Garner, Bill Cosby, our essential albums, and of course[…]

Genius | Episode 11

This episode we discussed a “study” that followed facebook data’s link between music and ACT scores, Boardwalk Empire, some essential hip-hop album favorites of ours and we reviewed Logic’s “Under[…]

Back From Summer Break | Episode 10

After a summer hiatus we’re finally back in the basement and catching up with everything that’s been going on in the world. From #thefappening to the NFL breaking down, hip-hop[…]

Back again | Episode 7

Back again after what appeared to be a hiatus. We did record episode 7 once before, but unfortunately it was lost.. so we re-recorded and it was better the second[…]

Phro is back! | Episode 6

Six episodes in, and Phro came back this episode to help us close out Black History Month in true Phro fashion. This week we reviewed Schoolboy Q’s new album “OXYMoron”,[…]

Top 7 in 7 Cities? | Episode 5

This episode we went through’s “Top 7 songs in 7 Cities” list. A list of the “hottest” songs in in 7 cities determined by spins, DJ support and other[…]

Grammy Time | Episode 4

This episode we talked Macklemore’s win(s) at the Grammy’s, the SuperBowl and we reviewed Childish Gambino’s Because the Internet for Blend It or Bump It. How do you think it[…]

Old vs New | Episode 3

This week we became frustrated with all of the terrible music on the radio. We started talking about how music on the charts in the 90’s wasn’t NEARLY this bad.[…]

Drank. | Episode 2

As we still feel out our new home we get into some more fun topics. We probably had too much to drink and listened to some great music. On the[…]

Episode #220 – Forever.

Its our 8-year Anniversary and we’re gonna keep this thing going 2005 til infinity! We spin some new indie hip-hop, with our special guest indie spotlight Traum Diggs. Also, a[…]

Episode #219 – The Day After

A little hangover recovery music the day after a night of celebration. This is The Day After. For all of our live show fans, listen to the end of this[…]

Episode #218 – New Zealand

This week we pay homage to New Zealand’s incredibly diverse, talented and soulful hip-hop scene! Special guest this week is Christchurch New Zealand’s own, Ladi6! Make sure you cop her[…]

Episode #217 – The Big Chill

Lets relax (kind of) and chill for a minute to episode 217 aptly titled The Big Chill. LETS GO!— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to[…]

Episode #216 – The Lift

Get lifted as we navigate through music with subliminal meanings and thought provoking lyrics. This weeks spotlight is Houston, Texas own, Isaac Reid.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor:[…]

Episode #214 – Happy Birthday Hip-Hop!

August 11, 2013. Hip-Hop is officially over the hill today. Happy 40th Birthday Hip-Hop!— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Episode #215 – Ya Don’t Stop

JMack is back with updates to the show! This week we feature Midaz The Beast.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Episode #213 – The City

All Michigan (mostly Detroit) hip-hop, soul and beats for you to groove to!— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Episode #212 – The Push

More music! More everything comin up! Make sure you’re following HoodHype on FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube!— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.[…]

Episode #211 – Show Your Soul

Have you ever been inspired to listen to music outside of Hip-Hop? Who or what inspired you?— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a[…]

Episode #209 – The Story

Sometimes there are songs you can connect with, sometimes you just want to hear a good story. What are some of your favorite hip-hop joints with stories you’ve enjoyed or[…]

Episode #208 – The Gratitude

MOLA1 executes a surprise hijacking of the HoodHype Show for JMack for his birthday.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Episode #205 – BBQ Boogie!

Enjoy some tunes to bump while you’re workin’ the BBQ in the sun.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Episode #204 – The Music

This episode we’ve each selected three songs that sparked a memory, inspired, or reminded us of a certain event in our lives and we’re discussing them. What are some hip-hop[…]

Episode #203 – The Funk

An episode full of hip-hop music laced with Funk, Funky samples and funky instruments. We talked about your suggestions for the show, rappers growing up and everyone getting dropped. This[…]

Episode #202 – Insomnia

Can’t sleep. Listen to good hip-hop.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Episode #201 – The Spark

The Spark. Inspired by the music and topics this episode. This week we review Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge’s – 12 Reasons to Die and interview Funk Volume’s own Hopsin.—[…]

Episode #199.7

The HoodHype Show returns Episode 200, with a new addition to the family. This guy MOLA1. You ready for Episode #200?— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest[…]

Episode #199.5 – Reboot

We bid farewell to our friend and co-host Major and begin the next chapter of the HoodHype show. You ready for a change? Follow us on twitter @hoodhype, HoodHype on[…]

Episode #198

This week we asked if anyone still buys hip-hop magazines, the Manti Teo Scandal and a whole lot more! A$AP Rockys Long Live A$AP was on the chopping block for[…]

Episode #199

On our way to Episode #200 of the HoodHype show, we invited MOLA1 to sit in with us as we returned to the basement to discuss everything from how the[…]

Episode #196

Our first live Episode of 2013! A great time we had MOLA1 back in the basement, we discussed our favorite albums and news in 2012 and T.I.s Trouble Man album[…]

Mini-Episode #197

Independent music is rough around the edges and thats okay.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Episode #191

The whole team was in the basement with special guest MOLA1 to discuss his debut album and plenty of off-the-wall topics as well as a ton of great indie hip-hop.—[…]

Episode #192

Here’s a mini episode with a higher theme.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Episode #194

Our last Episode before the world implodes upon itself on the Mayan doomsday 12/21/12. It was nice knowin yall. PEACE! (And Happy Holidays!)— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor:[…]

Episode #193

Some instrumentals to zone out to. Follow us on twitter @hoodhype, hoodhype on FaceBook, Instagram and HoodHypeblog on YouTube!— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to[…]

Mini-Episode #195

A massive collection of nearly an hour of independent hip-hop joints and instrumentals. We wrapped up this weeks mini episode with a tribute to Pro-Era’s Capital Steez who recently passed[…]

Episode #190

Were back with Phro in the building at our other basement this episode. We checked out Kendrick Lamars new album, paid up on some post-A3C debt (Major having his Mayo[…]

Episode #189

A mini-episode full of music pulled straight from CDs we picked up from artists at the A3C Hip-Hop Festival.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to[…]

Episode #188

LIVE from Criminal Records with KonsoleKingz in Atlanta, Georgia for the A3C Hip-Hop Festival, we brought a different kind of episode this week. Live interviews, Live freestyles, some great music,[…]

Episode #187

WE’RE SEVEN YEARS OLD!! Crazy! Thank you all for such an amazing ride this far! We made it a good one with Episode 187 we had Mola1 sitting in for[…]

Episode #186

Some more great indie music as we prep for our next full episode then the live show at A3C Hip-Hop Festival in Atlanta, Georgia!— This episode is sponsored by ·[…]

Episode #185

We reached our KickStarter goal and were going back to A3C Hip-Hop Festival in Atlanta, GA!! All thanks to those of you who support and have bought our stuff! We[…]

Episode #184

Special episode with two Detroit MCs sitting in with us. Ben Miles, MC from Of Mice and Musicians stop by to talk on the show and drop some of his[…]

Episode #183

Enjoy some great new hip-hop and a big thanks to all who have funded our Road to A3C KickStarter campaign so far at— This episode is sponsored by ·[…]

Episode #182

Were back and we asked: Can the Golden Era of Hip-Hop come back and who will usher it in? Beanie Sigel’s This Time was up for Blend It or Bump[…]

Episode #181

We just kicked off our Road to A3C Fundraiser! Please help us get to the A3C Hip-Hop Festival in Atlanta, GA by buying our gear!— This episode is sponsored[…]

Episode #180

Our co-host Phro was finally back in the building this week as we reviewed Rick Ross – God Forgives, I Dont and debated it into the ground, why we even[…]

Episode #179

Its another mini-episode full of new music! Heres some new hip-hop with a little of a different sound.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make[…]

Episode #178

We had Mola1 back on the how, reviewed Nas – Life Is Good, talked old school video games and a ton more.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The[…]

Episode #177

JMack takes you on a mini audio tour of the BringItBack Stage at the Vans Warped tour and the first stop of Big K.R.I.T.s Live From The Underground Tour with[…]

Episode #176

A discussion about the Google Hip-Hop on trial debate (link in the notes at, the BET Awards and Prodigys – H.N.I.C. 3 is up for Blend It or Bump[…]

Episode #175

Some great hip-hop from our home state, Michigan.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Episode #174

We went mobile this week and switched up the location for this episode. The names and faces havent changed and the game is still the same though, check it out[…]

Episode #173

Its a mini-episode full of music to listen to while you muscle through your hangover.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Episode #172

Great topics this week including some great (and not so great) listener feedback, Hot97 vs. Nicki Minaj and Young Money, Lupe Fiasco vs. Pete Rock and Diddys son’s scholarship to[…]

Episode #171

Here’s another Mini-Episode packed with some great new indie hip-hop!— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Episode #170

This week we had a special guest in the basement, Mola1 of The Definition talking and spittin some verses. We also completed the finale of HoodHypes Hip-Hop Fight Club and[…]

Episode #169

Mini-Episode! Here’s some hip-hop tunes to keep you movin while youre flippin burgers and sippin that ice cold brew!— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to[…]

Episode #168

Somewhat abbreviated, we had to take off early this week, but there was no shortage of discussion, hip-hop fight club or music! We also dropped our official iPhone app this[…]

Episode #167

We havent dropped a mini-episode in a while! Well all that is changing starting with this very episode. From this point forward, your boys are gonna be dropping HoodHype episodes[…]

Episode #166

Midwest bracket for the hip-hop fight club this episode. What we thought would be one of our easiest, was actually one of the toughest with the biggest upsets. Make sure[…]

Episode #165

Were all back and having a great time (thanks sweet baby Jesus). Tons of new music, Hip-Hop Fight Club West Coast went down and Obie Trices Bottom’s Up was on[…]

Episode #164

What we thought the Trayvon Martin case would be a single topic we’d carry through the show and it ended up taking it completely over. The episode was full of[…]

Episode #163

Phro was out this week, but Major and JMack held down the fort going into the East Coast bracket for the Hip-Hop Fight Club, discussed South By South West with[…]

Episode #162

We continued selecting our picks for the HoodHype Hip-Hop Fight Club as we wrapped up with our West Coast and Down South picks for 2012. Bracket coming soon on![…]

Episode #161

We kicked off HoodHypes Hip-Hop Fight Club 2012 with our East and Midwest selections, make sure you check back next episode for South and West Coast selections! We also had[…]

Episode #160

It got overheated in the basement this week thanks to a really emotional debate over the Red Tails movie. We also discussed the return of HoodHype’s hip-hop fight club, Indie[…]

Episode #159

Race was a huge topic this episode and we arent talkin NASCAR. Between the Red Tails movie, MLK Day and Phro being back to the show, it got really racial[…]

Episode #158

Its 2012 and were still here! This episode we took it back to 1998 and reviewed Jay-Zs Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life to see if it stood up to todays[…]

Episode #157

Wheres episode #156? Lost deep in the hood of the Internet. It was a special episode, but its gone. If we find it, please believe it will be posted and[…]

Episode #155

Heres an Episode to hold you all over until the next full show! Steppin Outta the Matrix to throw some different sounding tracks at yall!!— This episode is sponsored by[…]

Episode #154

Herman Cain wasnt the only one acting scandalous this episode. Everything from childhood television shows to Michael Jackson’s doctors jail time was fair game in episode 154. Also includes some[…]

Episode #153

Quite possibly one of our longest episodes to date. We were glad to be back, can you tell? We gave away copies of NBA2K12 (podcast listeners there’s something special for[…]

Episode #152

Our first show on location and we did it up big hosting the KonsoleKingz Gaming Lounge LIVE at the A3C Independent Hip-Hop Festival! A constant flow of interviews, convo and[…]

Episode #151

Talked about the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight, Fabolous vs. Ray J, the late Troy Davis vs. The Legal System and Jayo Felony vs. Fox News. We had J.Cole on the[…]

Episode #150

Discussing everything from the 15th anniversary of 2Pacs death to Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz and the boys top 5 white girls in the game plus a whole lot of[…]

Episode #149

Weezys Jeggings and HoodHype’s Road to A3C were the talk of the show among other things like the VMAs the Stash Box and the Lil Waynes Carter IV was on[…]

Episode #148

We talk about social media and the new power some of these celebrities have with their following, reviewed Watch The Throne for Blend It or Bump It, we had a[…]

Episode #147

Crazy episode and a long episode too! We discussed if Watch the Throne will really be leak proof, why is it so hard to pay homage in hip-hop and our[…]

Episode #146

Were back! We spun sick new music, we spoke with TRUTH Minista Paul Scott about the liquid genocide malt liquor, discussed Drake and the industry cosigning Kreayshawn based on numbers[…]

Episode #145

Discussing the death of the hip-hop Top 5, Lil B hoodwinking the industry, Casey Anthony and organizing the first official HoodHype Grill-off.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The[…]

Episode #144

We went in this week on damaging your liver, the White Girl Mob and the great n-word debate, a discussion on great collaboration albums and a ton of great new[…]

Episode #143

We had to put our last episode on hold. Were sorry. So heres a special bonus remix episode to hold you over until episode #144 which we’ll be recording tomorrow![…]

Episode #142

This episode we discussed live shows, Top 5 Most Boring rappers of recent, we peeped Maybach Music Group’s Self Made Vol. 1 for Blend It or Bump It and police[…]

Episode #141

We talked all hip-hop this episode. Everything from the validity of Odd Future to Common at the White House to Prodigy’s audio book. And a WHOLE lot in between.— This[…]

Episode #140

It seemed we were cursed by the technical difficulty demons this episode, but we still pulled through it. With the recent news of Osama bin Ladens death we strayed from[…]

Episode #139

Phro was out but that didnt stop us from having a great show! We had Jesse the ghost writer from Rap Rebirth for a quick interview, we jumped in the[…]

Episode #138

Wild show this week. Discussing your favorite tracks to swoon the females, racial stereotyping on t.v., trannies (yeah trannies) a lot of great music, blend it or bump it and[…]

Episode #137

Back off the sickness and we throw you all another curve ball as we run half the show in the basement and then we took it to the road as[…]

Episode #136

Heres a mini-episode. After 5 months of planning, meetings, discussions, money, time and energy, Major and I came down coincidentally at the EXACT same time with some whicked I dont[…]

Episode #135

Inspired by our trip to South By South West this year (catch us down there March 17-20) we loaded up this episode with music features by artists who will be[…]

Episode #134

The long awaited conclusion to our Hip-Hop Fight Club! Who do you have winning? Print out your own bracket at This episode we discussed the Grammies, Eminems Superbowl commercial,[…]

Episode #133

Crazy episode we discussed Fight Clubs Midwest bracket, SNLs biggest ratings in years, Black History Month and we got into a crazy debate over Talib Kweli’s album Gutter Rainbows which[…]

Episode #132

Racial topics galore, HoodHype Fight Club: Down South bracket, Phro almost stabs JMack and JMack challenges Phro to a beer drinking duel…— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The[…]

Episode #131

We’re excited to be back for our first show of 2011! In this ep we talked about Cipha Sounds getting suspended at Hot97, Ghostface’s Apollo Kids was on the chopping[…]

Episode #130

Okay maybe Episode 129 WASNT our last show of 2010. But this one is. Enjoy some of our favorite tracks from past episodes of this year and make sure you[…]

Episode #129

We kicked things off with the Hip Hop Fight Club’s East Coast bracket, and youll be surprised to find out who came out on top. We also got into the[…]

Episode #128

This episode we kicked off our new mini-series, HoodHypes Hip-Hop Fight Club, Kanyes new album was on the chopping block for Blend it or Bump it, we discussed this years[…]

Episode #127

The boys are back! This episode was a special one as we discussed racism against postal workers, Drake getting knuckled up by Weezy, a listener submitted Stash Box and we[…]

Episode #126

Five years weve been doing this. A simple thank you would never be enough for your support and listening to our show. To kick off our fifth year episode we[…]

Episode #125

Phro brought “AGoody” back to the basement with a complete collection of liquor. Needless to say the show kicked off to a great start. We spun some incredible music, JMack[…]

Episode #124

What a crazy show. Seriously, we went in and delivered three full hours of show for that ass! Complete with an interview with Strange Musics latest signee Jay Rock to[…]

Episode #123

Back with another one, we discussed everything from Ines Sainz to JMacks neighbors stealing his prescription pain killers to white people using the N-Word. Yes that argument again, with a[…]

Episode #122

We were without Phro this week (hes off on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean), but that doesnt mean we cant still chill in the basement with our friends .KOM[…]

Episode #121 ft Interview with Big KRIT

Aside from our long awaited interview with the infamous independent and more recently recently Def Jam signee Big K.R.I.T., we had a real good time this episode seeing Phro off[…]

Episode #120

Heres a mini-episode featuring music that you can play safely around young kids and some music your mom would smack you in the back of the head for playing around[…]

Episode #119

Back with another episode with tons of great music. This week we touched on everything from Laurence Fishburnes daughter Chippy D going into porn to JMack getting called out by[…]

Episode #118

Mini-Episode till the next full show next week! Featuring music from Big Tone, HISD, Little Brother and more! Get at us anytime at or!— This episode is sponsored[…]

Episode #117

Were finally back at it with some giveaways, having a good time and as always spinning some GREAT music!— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to[…]

Episode #116

Here it is, another mini-show to hold you guys over till the next live show. This week I selected a playlist of songs I like to bump on the express[…]

Episode #115

Sticking to the promise that we are stepping it up around here, here’s the first of many mini-episodes to come. We do the “big show” every couple weeks, but because[…]

Episode #114

The only words we can use for this episode…. train…wreck…we miss you Major— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Episode #113

We had alot of fun with this one as we jumped in on music Scarface vs VH-1, Dame Dash getting Roc back and more. Everything was going great for yet[…]

Episode #112

We had everyones favorite boxing analyst Snoop EZ in the house hanging out hot off the Floyd Mayweather Sr. interview to talk everything from the tight jeans trend to indie[…]

Episode #110

For those of you who frequent the site, you may have caught on to the April Fools prank we pulled this April 1st. For those who dont, earlier last week[…]

Episode #109

A different kind of episode than what weve done in a while! We were flyin in duo mode this episode but we loaded up with a gang of hot music.[…]

Episode #108

Had a good time this episode with special guest and unsung hero behind the scenes at HoodHype, the homie D in the house. Had some good drinks, Playboy Tre stopped[…]

Episode #107

What a fun show! We all had a great time, especially after Shay Johnson and CJ aka KingSoul from dropped in to talk about Konsole Kingz brand new iPhone[…]

Episode #106

Woooooooooooah. In December 2009 a listener of the show by the name of Seargant Chucky Bob, who happens to be serving right now for the US Airforce over in Iraq[…]

Episode #105

Our first show since we got back from CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas and there were absolutely no shortage of good stories for you! We talked about the[…]

Episode #104

Our first in-house guests, we had .KOM (Kingz Of The Mic) in the house with us to discuss the New Year, Funk Flexs rude twitter comments, the Jay-Z freemason conspiracy[…]

Episode #103

Featuring alot of discussion on the Tiger Woods situation, Eminems Relapse Refill and XXLs Top 100 Hip-Hop sites list. We also had the opportunity to welcome Freddie Gibbs to the[…]

Episode #102

Man we had a LOT of fun this episode, so we can only hope you have as much fun listening as we had recording it. We discussed everything from the[…]

Episode #101

We were definitely in rare form as equipment malfunctioned, Phro went on a few of his classic rants and everything seemed to fall apart at times. Maybe you wont even[…]

Episode #100 Part 2

We spun some more music, spoke on the most hated moments of past shows, Gucci Mane, and theres even a special t-shirt giveaway in there for all you podcast listeners.[…]

Episode #100 Part 1

Part 1 of Episode #100 of the HoodHype show! Were 4 years old! This special episode features some FIRE music, our favorite clips from past episodes and an exclusive interview[…]

Episode #99

One episode away from number 100 its episode 99! We are one episode away from the triple digits and our four year anniversary! Its hard to believe weve been at[…]

Episode #98

This was actually an incredibly long show that we cut quite a bit short to keep from overloading your computers and ipods. In this episode we spun ALOT of music[…]

Episode #97

Phro was back in the house while we took calls, paid a visit to Tres Corner, peeped the stash box and spoke on everything from new album releases to beautiful[…]

Episode #95

Speaking on Nas vs Kelis, our visit to the Great Hangover tour stop in Detroit, and the Kool-Aid debate and more. We also caught up with Playboy Tre again as[…]

Episode #93

This episode Michael Jackson was without a doubt, a topic of discussion amongst many other things. Phro was back in the building and we had alot of fun playing a[…]

Episode #92

Back in the building! Or…well…on the website! We had a great episode which not only featured some hot new indie tracks, but we also got a chance to catch up[…]

Episode #90

We fought like hell this episode, specifically over the credibility and quality of the new Eminem album. The show ended up becoming an all-out piss fest. We had alot of[…]

Episode #89

This episode we spoke with FWMJ, owner of and design guru over at New Yorks Hot97 to talk about his site and some of the label politics hip-hop radio[…]

Episode #88

Changing the format a little, weve moved the LIVE show to Thursdays which opens up alot of doors for us to deliver you an even better episode of HoodHype. Unfortunately[…]

Episode #87

This episode we spoke on March Madness, Eminems return, Jadakiss most recent album, Bishop Lamonts label rumors and a whole lot more. You know we couldnt do an episode without[…]

Episode #86

Featuring and interview with listener voted winner of Episode #84 B.A.S.H.W.O.N. for his track The Water as well as a real thorough interview with Noreaga AKA N.O.R.E. We spoke with[…]

Episode #85

Featuring interviews with winner of Episode #83, Cash Clepto as well as a VERY welcome surpise caller Mr. Chi-City! Also, another edition of Tres Corner with Playboy Tre. And you[…]

Episode #84

Featuring interviews with Miss Nana (Winner of Episode 84 and Best of 2008 Finalist), Shady/Interscopes Bobby Creekwater and Detroit legend and 1/4 of Slaughterhouse, Royce Da 5 9. We also[…]

Episode #83

Congratulations to listeners choice “Best of 2008″ series Rideout and Terry Cole for taking the win! Had all kinds of fun this time around with Tres Corner, The Stash Box[…]

Episode #82

HoodHypes Best of 2008: Listeners Choice continues with PART 2 of the series getting us one step closer to your favorite pick of 2008 that weve spun on the HoodHype[…]

Episode #81

Listeners Choice: Best of 2008 – PART 1 went off without a hitch! Special thanks to everyone who came through to the LIVE show and chatted, texted and called in[…]

Episode #80

This week we talked about the best and worst things that went down in 2008. Which included talk on Auto-tune, Barack Obama, the music of 2008 and more. We spoke[…]

Episode #79 ft. Interview with Black Milk

Were back with a racially charged episode of the show featuring and interview with Detroits own Black Milk, some great music and some BIG announcements that we are really excited[…]

Episode #78

Major, JMack and Phro went in real hard on Lil Wayne vs 50 Cent this episode and got some good caller feedback to go in on it. Special guests this[…]

Episode #77

Great show featuring an interview with K.Sparks winner of Episode 75 as well as a special guest interview with former Shady Aftermath recording artist Stat Quo. Six bangin new underground[…]

Episode #76

Barack Obama FTW! We popped some champagne to celebrate and discussed the Bishop Lamont Interview we did that everyone is going off on and much more! Make sure you jump[…]

Episode #75

Probably one of the most fun times weve had on the show. Featuring an interview with Double-O of Kidz In The Hall. Tune in, get in on the convo and[…]

Episode #74

Shouts to everyone who came in the chat and tuned in. Major got Willie the Kid on the phone to talk about his come up in the game as well[…]

Episode #73

Major and JMack talk best and worst album art, get an update from King Soul of live at the BET Hip-Hop awards, talk with Ryne from and Vin[…]

Episode #72

We decided to step it up and start bringing you guys shows every week! Fridays we will be trying out these smaller shows with mostly mainstream music, no voting, and[…]

Episode #71

Welcoming the new website, new show features talking everything from Sarah Palin and rotten females to Las Vegas and a special guest shout out from Barack Obama (apparently he has[…]

Episode #70

Our first show LIVE on UStream video, AOL Radio AS WELL as the podcast! We had a great time this episode and Phro is finally back in the building. Spinning[…]

Episode #68

Episode 68 was all about having fun and touching on the topic of the age gap in hip-hop. Early in the show we spoke with the winner of Episode 67[…]

Episode #67 Part 1

This episode was recorded about 3 weeks ago as we took our annual summer break. But were back! This episode was loaded with great music and we had alot of[…]

Episode #66

We”re back in the building with some fire music for yall this week. This episode we got into the MTV “Top 10 Hottest MCs” list and ripped it to shreds[…]

Episode #65

Episode 65 was a crazy one. The show itself ended up being 3 hours, but luckily after some editing we managed to get it down to a more manageable hour[…]

Episode #64

A three hour show. It was three hours long. We kicked off the show with an interview with last episodes vote winner, Lungz for his track “Am I Black Enough[…]

Episode #63

Its been almost a month since the entire HH crew got together for an episode so we were ampd up and ready to go. We got things started by congratulating[…]

Episode #62

Episode 62 is here and aptly titled The Amazing Race considering 80 percent of this entire show was discussion about racial subject matter. Special guests this episode include the hottest[…]

Episode #61

You know we couldnt really come up with a title for this one. We were all over the place this show but had a damn good time. We spoke to[…]

Episode #60

As you can tell from the title, this was our first-ever live show. We streamed our show live via and had a chance to get some real-time interaction with[…]

Episode #59

A solid show for yall this week. They were all over the place but spoke mostly on the old high school days… skipping school, drinking. Kinda breakin in the new[…]

Episode #57

This episode touched on alot of different things including “balance” between concious rap on the show versus gangsta rap. The show kicked off to a good start with an interview[…]

Episode #56

This week we spoke with Aftermath Records newest member Bishop Lamont. We talked about all his free mixtapes, upcoming albums, Stat Quos mixtapes, Dres Detox album and his feature on[…]

Episode #55

Whats up yall. Were back for Episode #55 and JMack, Phro and Major touched on everything! We got things started by talking with SINcere, the winner from Episode #53. Next,[…]

Episode #54

This week we talked about Scratch Magazine shutting down, the light skinned black people party, some fresh indie albums dropping and some hot new music! We also wanted to thank[…]

Episode #53

JMack, Phro, and I were back at it this week, and this show is SERIOUS! To get things started we discussed our nomination for a VH-1 Hip-Hop Honors award. Later[…]

Episode #52

The FULL crew is back and weve got it strapped with eight BANGIN underground hip-hop tracks which makes Episode 52 a monster show! Major, JMack and Phro talked about how[…]

Episode #51

While the cats are away the mice will play! JMack went solo this show while Major is out of town to bring you some of his past favorite joints on[…]

Episode #49

This week Major went for dolo, without JMack or Phro, but he still kept it poppin. Major covered recent hip-hop news such as Interscope bullying hip-hop blogs, and the Remy[…]

Episode #48

Were back at it this week after having some scheduling issues for the last couple weeks. We kicked things off with our new Hoodhype intro provided to us by the[…]

Episode #47

Sorry for the delay on getting this show out, but its finally here. JMack, Phro and myself got together before the Floyd Mayweather vs. Oscar De La Hoya mega-fight to[…]

Episode #46

JMack and I were at it again, and this episode was “out of control”! This week we were joined in the studio by a special guest host, my homie Snoop-E[…]

Episode #45

We had so much to talk about this show we couldnt even get to it all. The Imus controversy and its impact on the hip-hop world was front and center[…]

Episode #44

Recording an episode shouldnt be this much damn fun, but JMack, Phro, and I had a ball putting this one down! The three of us tossed back some beers and[…]

Episode #43

This week JMack and I tackled the issue of “real” music versus watered down material. We touched on how difficult it is to make creative, gritty music that will still[…]

Episode #42

After all the hate and venom expressed in Episode 41, JMack, Phro and myself decided to kick back and express a little racial U.N.I.T.Y this episode. Listen in as we[…]

Episode #41

Man weve been out for a long ass time. But we are making it up to yall with a one and a half our show, so try to ride out[…]

Episode #40

Talk on the DJ Drama and Don Cannon raid, J.Lo, females and of course four hot ones for yall. Ginger Jackson an RnB singer from LA, Loot from New York[…]

Episode #39

2006 wrap up! Just kidding, we aint gonna waste your time with the same sh-t everyone else is talkin. Major and JMack speak on more Vida bringin Phro in for[…]

Episode #38 ft Interview with Donnell Jones

Four hot new bangers straight off the street, featuring artists Ques from Brox,NYC, Yung Onyx from Queens NYC, Peezee outta Lewisville, TX, Causez Company from Sacramento, CA, and Thadd Williams[…]

Episode #37

Major and JMack were diggin deep into their racist pasts this episode. Talkin about HBOs the Wire, the latest on the Michael Richards incident, Raekwon dissin Jay-Z and more! Featuring[…]

Episode #36

What up iTunes listeners?! Make sure you hit up for the latest fire! Theres alot youre still missing! EXCLUSIVE one on one with Shady Records own Obie Trice! Lots[…]

Episode #35

Check out this weeks episode featuring five hot new underground tracks! Also, we talk about Benzinos ass getting sued, Floyd Mayweather and we have some fun smashing some CDs by[…]

Episode #34

Five hot new tracks this week! Changin up the format with a new Co-Host, JMack is in the building with Major holdin it down for a full hour! You asked[…]

Episode #33

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with RnB crooner, Donell Jones! Check out new music from Fokis out of NYC, J.Pistols from Peoria, IL, 86 out of Atlanta, GA, and Chen Lo comin from[…]

Episode #32

Finally here! Thanks to everyone who has been patient as we get ready for a whole new look and alot more fire for your ears! Check out this weeks show[…]

Episode #31

Wow. You know you would think after 31 episodes, HoodHype would start to fade, but yall know thats not how we do it here. We keep it tight as Major[…]

Special Edition! – ExtravaGangsta!

We are working tight with the fam over at because we know our fans will definitely feel what they are doing out of the NYC. Make sure you check[…]

Episode #30

Damn..damn..DAMN! This has to be one of the HARDEST episodes to date featuring four BANGIN tracks and a hot interview with Lil Scrappy! O-K-K-K! Featuring tracks by LB from Manchester,[…]

Episode #29

Damn Majors puttin down this week with some new tracks from previous artists AND some fresh new talent! This week check out The Academy from Mount Vernon, NY, St. John[…]

Episode #28

New tracks this week featuring K-Beta from DC, BrookCentral from Compton, CA, HueHef from Bowman, SC, Rebel from New York, NY.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest[…]

Episode #27

Majors been in the kitchen cookin up some more fire featuring four BANGIN new tracks and an interview with up and coming artist Billy Smokes comin HARD outta Flint, Michigan.[…]

Special Edition!

Weve got a special episode with you featuring an interview with Ras of radio. Talkin about our shows, underground music, the industry and more. Make sure you check out[…]

Episode #26

Major is back! After a little hiatus is back on track with four new BANGIN ass tracks! Check out Problem Solvas from Houston, Texas, 676 ft. Irie Black out[…]

Episode #25

An interview with Rah Muzics latest star “Killa Klump”. He’s raw and he just dropped a single with Styles P but dont get it twisted, he ain’t hyphy. More of[…]

Episode #24

The first HoodHype Hip-Hop RoundTable. Check out this episode this week as Major, Phro and JMack sit down, tip back a few and talk about all things hip-hop. Tracks from[…]

Episode #23

Sorry for the brief hiatus yall. Weve been makin moves behind the scenes. Check out four hot tracks from Reign from Brentwood, NY, Asi and Joe Young from Fort Washington,[…]

Episode #21 ft Interview with Sean Price

Check out an EXCLUSIVE interview with Sean Price AKA “Ruck” from the Duck Down Camp. Major touches on upcoming projects and more. Music from Demorne Warren out of Brooklyn, NY,[…]

Episode #20

More of that hot $hit for you this week! The official re-launch of Four new hot tracks with Scholar and TrueBless from Glenn Dale, MD, JW from Baton Rouge,[…]

Episode #19

This week check out The Threat out of Crystal Springs, MS, M.L.S. from Sacramento, CA, Ed Genesis from Kalamazoo, MI and the FIRST artists to be repeated at HoodHype, Queens,[…]

Episode #18

Check it out this week as Major interviews the underground mixtape legend, Big Sty. Listen in to get Stys take on the industry, payola what hes up to and more.[…]

Episode #17

Four more bangers for yall this week. Detroit Red outta Detroit, MI, Eternal out of Los Angeles, CA, NK Tha Great from Atlanta, GA and Neph from Baltimore, MD. Dont[…]

Episode #16 ft Interview with Esham

This week we have an exlusive interview with Detroit Legend Esham. Artists inspired by him include, Eminem, Kid Rock, ICP and others. Check it out. Major spins that FIRE for[…]

Episode #15

Check out some hot tracks this week! Axual Facts from Flint, MI, Young Troop out of Indianapolis, IN, S.E.M.I. from Little Rock, AR, and Mannrock straight outta Woodbury, NJ!! Dont[…]

Episode #13

Four HOT BANGERS this week! This week featuring our new hip hop news informant Phro. Check out Homage and Dubbz straight outta NYC, The Chapter from Tallahassee, Fl, WilDelux outta[…]

Episode #11

Major is back! This episode we’re featuring four more of the hottest from the underground with Slang Dee of Victorville, CA, Nard from Newport News, VA, Jade Foxx holdin it[…]

Episode #9

Check out some tracks this week from Kynfolk out of Lexington, KY, Kayolaw from Lansing, MI, 21-5th out of Philly, PA and Big Floaty from Atlanta. DVD Giveaway and more![…]

Episode #8

Check out this weeks show with a surprise giveaway! Featured artists Theory out Flint, MI, Triple Psyco of Columbus, MS, Mojoe from San Antonio, TX and Truth out of Orlando,[…]

Episode #7

Check out the Interview with BUCKSHOT AKA BDI of Black Moon. Your voicemail and messages Artists featuring Big Sty from Richmond VA, Facx Murda from Fayetteville, NC, Big Lou from[…]

Episode #6

Jacka straight outta the Bay, Russell Taylor some smooth RnB flava, Savage from Dallas, and Y.B.I. out of Detroit. More hot tracks to keep your heads noddin! Show was late[…]

Episode #5

730, The YNots, Mirda and Bliss. Some midwest fire for yall this week and more listener feedback.Make sure you peep and hit up the messageboards!— This episode is sponsored[…]

Episode #4

Daundadogs, Verbal Seed, Ruby Red and Pop-N-Bullets! Check out the heat from Mississippi, Atlanta and more! Still keepin’ it live for y’all! Don’t forget to vote for your favorites!— This[…]

Episode #3

Interview this week with none other than Daz Dillinger of DPG Recordz. Fresh artists this week include Black Lagoon, Chi Boy, O.C. and Eldorado Red— This episode is sponsored by[…]

Episode #2

Check out this weeks hot joints from MyOne (pronounced: “My Own”), Big Tone, SINcere and Fallon. Listener feedback and a little more flavor this week!— This episode is sponsored by[…]

Episode #1

Welcome to This is our first episode. Check out talent from artists, Billy Smokes, Mo Blaze, Mid Mobb Section and Suga City.— This episode is sponsored by · Anchor:[…]

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